PARIS Digital Audio Workstation

256 tracks of 24-bit 44.1/48k audio
64 24-bit returns
8 24-bit stereo auxes per channel
128 simultaneous effects via dedicated internal hardware effects engine
1024 channel inserts
512 DirectX & VST effects inserts
512 bands of hardware-based full parametric digital EQ
56-bit internal summing mixer with total recall mixer and automation
Mixer automation of more than 300 faders including effects returns and pans
180-point programmable digital patch bay per every 16 tracks
Integrated control surfaces with 100mm channel and submaster faders
Set/recall for up to 999 markers per project
Infinity Music Systems X1 Digital Workstation
88-note hammer weighted keyboard with after-touch
Integrated military grade keyboard and 3-button mouse/trackball
Pitch and Mod wheels
ATX Motherboard—Gigabyte GA-K8N
AMD 64 3200+ CPU, 2GB Rambus
500 Watt Power Supply with ultra quite cooling fan
Display support for multiple 60” plasma screens.
Three 2TB internal hard drives
CD/DVD RW R/W drive
ESI Waveterminal 192X Audio i/o, 24-bit/192kHz supporting DTS 5.1 Surround
ART Pro MPA w/ NOS Telefunken 12AT7 tubes
ART Pro VLA w/ NOS Telefunken 12AX7 tubes
DBX 760X Dual Mic Preamp
Symetrix SX201 3-band Full Paramteric EQ/Mic Pream
Ibanez/Sony SDR1000 True Stereo fx
Lexicon LXP5
88 points TRS patch bays
Neumann U87
Audio Technica AT4033
Shure SM81
Audix D Series w/F9
AKG D112
797Audio C1
Equitek C.A.D. E200
PARIS 2.2 & 3.01
Sequoia 8.2x
Samplitude 8.2x
Sonar Producer 7.x
ProTools 8.x
Sonic Foundary/Sony Acid Pro 7.x
Sonic Foundry/Sony Sound Forge 7.x
Sony Vegas Video 9.x
Final Cut Pro 6.x
Magix Movie Edit 15 Plus
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Waves Mercury Complete VST DX RTAS
Waves Restoration Bundle v3.6
Waves Transform Bundle v2.0
Sonitus Ultrafunk DX & VST 3c
Sonalksis All Plugins Bundle VST DX RTAS v3.0.0
PSP Audioware All Plugins VST DX RTAS
DSP-FX Virtual Pack v6.2
DB Audioware PlugPack Version 2.x
Celemony Melodyne Studio Edition
Acon Digital Media Studio Clean VST DX v1.6
Wavemachine Labs Drumagog PRO DX v3.09
Complete East West Gold Edition Sample Libraries
Complete Native Instruments software suites